Biomedical Science

As a Biomedical Scientist, you help to save lives and make the quality of people’s lives better. Your work plays a key part in the decision-making of a patient’s treatment and diagnosis.

We share a common and key value with our clients and users; we get satisfaction seeing our technology help patients and medical professionals every day.

Whether you are based in a laboratory or in a hospital alongside doctors, consultants and nurses, your work is invaluable. You may think that a lab is where you'll spend the rest of your career - but that's not your only choice.

We offer an exciting range of opportunities which can change and advance your career - your contribution and effort will advance innovation, technology, and best practice within pathology.

CliniSys has opened the door to many BMS-experienced candidates looking to develop their careers and progress from labs and hospitals. We offer roles such as:

  • Product Specialists - being heavily involved in the implementation of our software
  • Software Testing - focusing on ensuring CliniSys software meets the high standards a modern laboratory requires
  • Service & Support - ensuring systems are running smoothly, users are fully supported and receiving a world-class customer experience, as well as the day-to-day running of laboratories
  • Business & Commercial – offering a variety of non-technical positions such as Product Manager, Contract Coordinator and Bid Coordinator roles

What are the benefits of a career with CliniSys for biomedical scientists?

  • A career path in a laboratory can often lack progression or diversity - we can offer both
  • Salaries are comparable to the NHS
  • We give you an opportunity to broaden your expertise in BMS in a new way
  • You'll learn new technologies and work with people from other specialisms
  • We're a secure, evolving business that will challenge you
  • Your contributions will help make the quality of people’s lives better
  • Our team is helpful, supportive and operates in a relaxed environment

"I have been at CliniSys for two years and it has been a great career transition from my previous biomedical scientist role. The fear of stepping into an unfamiliar domain, such as software, was neutralised by how valuable the team found my laboratory experience and insight. It has been so rewarding working alongside the development team to help produce software that caters to the needs of the biomedical scientist as opposed to improvements that don’t translate well into real world usage." - Software Tester

If you are ready to take your BMS career in a new direction, apply for the latest BMS jobs at CliniSys.