MIPS, part of the CliniSys group, announces that it has acquired Cointec, a Spanish market leader of laboratory information software (LIS).

Monday, September 16, 2019

MIPS, part of the CliniSys Group, acquires Cointec to expand its presence in Spain and the global Spanish market

16 September 2019

MIPS, part of the CliniSys group, announces that it has acquired Cointec, a Spanish market leader of laboratory information software (LIS).

For more than 30 years, we have been successfully specialising in the software for comprehensive clinical - laboratory information management solutions with over 2,500 laboratories across 34 countries. This acquisition will enable MIPS to more effectively support and deliver solutions for the unique needs of Spain and the global Spanish market.

We will be adding the Cointec product portfolio to our software solutions family supporting core clinical laboratories, genetics, anatomic pathology and the specialist laboratories. The Cointec GestLab LIS is an innovative workflow solution designed specifically for Spanish clinical laboratories and is enabling public and private laboratories to optimise their workflows, improving quality of service, saving time, supporting accreditation and embedding traceability in the core of their processes.

The evolution of diagnostic services for laboratories is driving the requirement to better integrate the core clinical disciplines with the specialist disciplines such as genetics and anatomic pathology. The combined strengths of Cointec and MIPS will deliver an immediate solution for this requirement in the global Spanish market.

"We are excited about joining the CliniSys group and working with the team to respond effectively to put our combined offer in the Spanish market. We would like to thank our customers for their loyalty in these more than 20 years of joint experience and we are convinced that our entry to the CliniSys group will result in an improvement in all the services provided by Cointec to our current and future clients", explains Jesús Ángel García Zarco, CEO of Cointec.

"We are very happy to welcome the Cointec team to our group. This new combined offer for our Spanish customers is supporting our group strategy to offer the best solutions in the market for core clinical laboratories and other disciplines like anatomic pathology and genetics. Both organisations will continue to focus on delivering high levels of customer satisfaction and on delivering solutions for the long-term for our customers", explains John Lebon, CEO of MIPS.

About MIPS, part of the Clinisys Group

For more than 30 years, the CliniSys Group have successfully specialised in the design, development, implementation and support of comprehensive clinical laboratory information management solutions. Clinical laboratories across +34 countries are using solutions from the CliniSys Group, to improve process and cost efficiencies, to enhance information access, quality and availability, to improve patient care, and to secure and maintain a competitive advantage. It is the market supplier of choice and the undisputed market leader in the UK and Europe for laboratory information management solutions.

About Cointec

Cointec is a Spanish company founded in 1998 with headquarters in Alicante, Spain. Cointec has designed innovative solutions for the clinical laboratories in Spain, supporting all core disciplines. Cointec has successfully implemented their flagship product GestLab into numerous laboratories in all core disciplines and became one of the market leaders in Spain.