"I have been at CliniSys for two years and it has been a great career transition from my previous biomedical scientist role. The fear of stepping into an unfamiliar domain, such as software, was neutralised by how valuable the team found my laboratory experience and insight. It has been so rewarding working alongside the development team to help produce software that caters to the needs of the biomedical scientist as opposed to improvements that don’t translate well into real world usage." - Software Tester


“Before joining CliniSys, I worked as a Systems/Business analyst in several different industries and sectors for 18 years. I was drawn to CliniSys as it offered a rewarding role in developing healthcare IT systems that would impact patients directly.

It’s been a pleasure to work with a dedicated, helpful, friendly and extremely talented group of people. The senior managers are very friendly and approachable.  

No day is ever the same for me and involves working on challenging problems with teams across three continents. CliniSys provides a vibrant and friendly working environment and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of joining the company.” – Business Analyst




  • Before joining CliniSys I was a CliniSys customer. I liked the product and team already which meant joining was seamless.

    I joined because of the company's stability and the opportunity to take a lab-based career elsewhere.

    Delivering CliniSys solutions to new users means I'm still using my BMS experience, in a different setting. I'm still affecting change for the better.

    My 10 years of NHS experience is being put to great use at CliniSys, even after 10 years working here.